how much does it cost to make a book?

The cost depends on a few factors such as the type of book you want as well as your budget. Do you want a hardcover or softcover book? Are you making a children’s book or a coffee table art book? Are your interior pages full color layouts or simple novel text? Will your book be available in digital format only? Do you want a print on demand option or will you be using offset printing? The answers to these questions impact the cost of publishing your book.

Below is my ballpark pricing for 2018. This gives a general idea of investment based on a typical print book of it’s type based on up to 200 pages. Quotes below include a complete package of design + publishing. I also offer consulting as well as a la carte and specialty services (i.e. book series and planners). Please request a quote for a more accurate price for your book. My prices do not include your printed books or shipping costs.

Final invoicing is based on actual time and expenses incurred and will be reflected on final invoice.
Client will be notified of any price change before it is incurred.
softcover graphic.jpg


Softcover books provide ease and portability. They are cost effective and quick to print. 



Hardcover books are meant to be treasured and truly stand the test of time. With customized finishes from embossed lettering to linen fabrics, choosing hardcover will give your book a highly professional aesthetic. 



Well designed interior pages provide your reader with the kind of experience that will have them returning time after time. 

Investment is more than financial. The other question I am most asked is How long will it take to make my book? This also depends on the complexity of your book. Three months is a reasonable answer, and the one I’m most comfortable giving, though it could be more or less depending on several factors including the type of book you are making, number of revisions, and how long it takes to get on my calendar.

I schedule book projects in advance so I can plan accordingly. I don’t contract out book design work - when you hire me, you get me.** What this means is currently I have the time and capacity to work with three clients a month only. If you decide to work with me let me know asap so I can set aside the necessary time to devote to you and your book and reserve your space on my calendar.