Have questions? Book a complimentary 45-minute phone consultation with me. We will discuss your project, answer any questions you may have and get you moving forward with confidence. We’ll also get to know each other to see if working together is something we want to do. There is no obligation.

My mission is to help people get their books made. I want to bridge the gap between writing a book to holding that book in your hands. Having said that, I do vet manuscripts and am selective about what I will publish. I do read manuscripts as part of my design process. I will not publish poorly written, unedited manuscripts with obvious grammatical and context issues. I also will not, under any circumstance, publish books related in any way to promoting white supremacy, misogyny, hate, violence, etc.

Whether you are sorting ideas, holding your final manuscript, or anywhere between these two and are unsure of your next steps, these calls are designed to help you with your next steps regardless of where you are in the process. I look forward to talking with you.